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50th Anniversary Symposium and Celebration

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Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2008, the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics hosted a daylong symposium and celebration, featuring faculty, alumni and colleagues.

Presentations and posters from the event are listed below.


Jan Achenbach, Northwest University
From the Sputnik Era to the Present: Adventures in Engineering Science of One AA Alum

Andy Barrows - Mercury Computer Systems
GPS, Flight Displays, and Air Traffic Control Modernization

Francis Everitt, Stanford University
Gravity Probe B, the Engineering of a Physics Experiment in Space and the Role of Students in it

Ilan Kroo, Stanford University
Sustainable Aviation

Susan Ying, Boeing
To Boldly Go....Leading Beyond the Horizon

Vance Coffman, Lockheed Martin (ret)
The F35 Lightning II

Arif Karabeyoglu, Space Propulsion Group
Hybrid Propulsion for Future Space Launch

Steve Rock, Stanford University
Robotic Exploration

Three Generations in Aerospace
William F. Ballhaus Sr., Northrop Corp. and Beckman Instruments (ret)
William F. Ballhaus Jr., Aerospace Corp. (ret)
William L. Ballhaus, BAE Systems
Integrated Networked Systems 2000s, Future

Penina Axelrad, University of Colorado
Challenges and Opportunities in Aerospace Education

Panel Discussion
Aerospace: The Next 25 Years

Brad Parkinson, Prof. Emeritus, Stanford University

Panel Members:
Turki Saud Mohammed Al-Saud, KACST
Owen Brown, DARPA
Heinz Erzberger, NASA Ames Research Center, Stanford University


Space Systems Development Lab
Prof. Cutler

Hybrid Systems Lab
Prof. Tomlin

Aerospace Robotics Lab
Prof. Rock

Aero Fluid Mechanics Labs
Prof. Cantwell

Structures & Composites Lab
Prof. Chang

Flow Physics and Computation
Prof. Farhat

Prof. Lele's Group

Dr. Sun

Aerospace Computing Lab
Prof. Jameson

Aerospace Design Lab
Prof. Alonso

Space Systems Development Lab
Prof. Cutler

Gravity Probe B Project (GP-B)
Profs. DeBra & Everitt

Aircraft Design Group
Prof. Kroo

Prof. Enge