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2015 Affiliates Meeting

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Program of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Affiliates of Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics

W. F. Durand Building, Hoff Conference Room (Durand 450)




8:30 Welcome
Prof. Juan Alonso
Director, Affiliates Program
8:45 Prof. Charbel Farhat
Chair, Aeronautics and Astronautics
8:55 Parameterization Framework for Aeroelastic Design Optimization of Wing Structures
Arthur Paul-Dubois-Taine
Advisor: Prof. Charbel Farhat
9:05 Next-Gen Aapproach to High-Fidelity and yet Practical Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
Matthew Zahr
Advisor: Prof. Charbel Farhat
9:15 Questions and Answers
9:25 Control of Two Autonomous Helicopters Carryng One Load
Marcos Berrios
Advisor: Prof. David Powell
9:35 Questions and Answers
9:45 Vizualization of Combustion in a Hybrid Rocket
Elizabeth Jens
Advisor: Prof. Brian Cantwell
9:55 Self-Pressurizing Propellant Tank Dynamics
Jonah Zimmerman
Advisor: Prof. Brian Cantwell
10:05 Questions and Answers
10:15 Break
10:25 Jammer Acquisition with GPS Exploration and Reconnaissance
Prof. Per Enge
10:35 Questions and Answers
10:45 Orbit Design and Precise Orbit Determination for Next Generation Gravity Missions
Duncan Eddy
Advisor: Prof. Simone D'Amico
10:55 Optimum Design of a Small-Scale Distributed Occulter /Telescope for Exoplanety Imaging
Adam Koenig
Advisor: Prof. Simone D'Amico
11:05 Questions and Answers
11:15 Analysis of Angular Distriution of Hyopervelocity Impact Plasma
Paul Tarantino
Advisor: Prof. Sigrid Close
11:25 Leveraging Chaos in Trajectory Design
Travis Swenson
Advisor: Prof. Sigrid Close
11:35 Questions and Answers
11:45 Route Planning for Terrain Relative Navigation Source
Steven Krukowski
Advisor: Prof. Steve Rock
11:55 Mapping Free-Drifting Iceberg
Marcus Hammond
Advisor: Prof. Steve Rock
12:05 Questions and Answers
12:15 Lunch (Mitchell Earth Sciences Building Patio)
1:15 Poster Session (Hartley Conference Center)
Mitchell Earth Sciences Building
2:15 GaN Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators For Space Environments
Ashwin Shankar
Advisor: Prof. Debbie Senesky
2:25 Graphene on Gallium Nitride (GaN) Ultraviolet Photodetectors for Sun Sensor Applications
Dr. Heather C. Chiamori
Advisor: Prof. Debbie Senesky
2:35 Questions and Answers
2:45 Towards Industry Ready Workstation-Powered High-Order Solvers
Manuel R. Lopez-Morales
Advisor: Prof. Antony Jameson
2:55 Finding Computationally Inexpensive Methods to Model the Flow Past Heavy Vehicles and the Design of Active Flow Control Systems for Drag Reduction
David Manosalvas
Advisor: Prof. Antony Jameson
3:05 Questions and Answers
3:15 Fluid Lensing, Applications to High-Resolution 3D Subaqueous Imaging & Automated Remote Biosphere Assessment from Airborne and Space-borne Platforms
Ved Chirayath
Advisor: Prof. Juan Alonso
3:25 Data-Assisted Turbulence Model Development
Brendan Tracey
Advisor: Prof. Juan Alonso
3:35 Questions and Answers
3:45 Effects of Ramp Angle on Compression Ramp Shock Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction
David Dawson
Advisor: Prof. Sanjiva Lele
3:55 A Kinematic Simulation Approach to Wind Farm Analysis
Aditya Ghate
Advisor: Prof. Sanjiva Lele
4:05 Questions and Answers
4:15 Drag Free Control System Design for Gravitational Wave Detection
Sumeet Singh
Advisor: Prof. Marco Pavone
4:25 Spacecraft/Rover Hybrids for the Exploration of Small Solar System Bodies
Benjamin Hockman
Advisor: Prof. Marco Pavone
4:35 Questions and Answers
4:45 Feedback Session with the Faculty
6:00 Cocktails and Dinner at the Stanford Faculty Club