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2007 AIAA

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Students Posters
Josh Alwood, et al. The CubeSat, Jr., Project
Sean Augenstein and Stephen Russell Towards 3D modeling of a satellite using structure from motion techniques
Noël Bakhtian The low Reynolds number aerodynamics of leading edge flaps
Dan Berkenstock Hierarchical optimization for complex shape design
Ankit Bhagatwala Shocked turbulence: Simulation of turbulent flows with strong shocks and density variations
Rathakrishnan Bhaskaran and Zhongmin Xiong LES for turbomachinery aerodynamic loss and heat transfer prediction
Geoffrey Bower Aircraft fleet design and operations to reduce the environmental impact of civil aviation
Edmond Chui, Kenneth Franko, and Shankar Santhosh Transition, turbulence, and combustion in high-speed flows
Michael Dolphin Polhode motion and trapped flux mapping of the Gravity Probe-B gyroscopes
Eric Doran, Zachary Dunn, Jonny Dyer, and Kevin Lohner Hybrid rocket propulsion
San Gunawardana Developing a framework for multi-fidelity design: A hypersonic aircraft test design
Ronald Hanson and Zachary Owens Pulse detonation engines: Flowfield characterization and model development
Gabriel Hoffmann Decentralized information-seeking control for mobile sensor networks
Mara Jennings, Steven Pifko, and Mike Souder Solar sailing nanosatellites
Aaron Katz Meshless methods in CFD
Nicolas Lee Effect of variable latency on teleoperation for space applications
Matthew Maniscalco, et al. A design concept for a robotic lunar regolith harvesting system
Andrea Nelson Multi-fidelity Treed Kriging surfaces for aerodynamic optimization
Chinmay Patel Development of an autopilot for small UAVs
Steven Pifko and Mike Souder Space and systems development laboratory
Jaiyoung Ryu, Arjun Sharma, and William Wolf Computational aeroacoustics
Eric Tapio Using genetic algorithms to maximize utility of constrained space systems