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2019 Affiliates Meeting

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Program of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Affiliates of Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics

W. F. Durand Building, The Spilker Conference Room (Durand 450)




Introduction - Professor Juan J. Alonso, Affiliates Program Director


State of the Department - Professor Charbel Farhat, Department Chair


Fast Trajectory Optimization: A Step towards Online Motion Planning for Underactuated Robots - Brian Jackson


Space- and Ground-based Measurement of Radiation Belt Precipitation: Extending the Capabilities of CubeSats and Radars - Diana Juarez Madera

9:50am Question and Answer Session
10:00am Model Reduction for Model Predictive Control of Automated Aircraft Landing - Andrew McClellan and Joseph Lorenzetti
10:10am Horizontal Maneuver Coordination for Unmanned Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems - Rachael Tompa
10:20am Quesion and Answer Session
10:30am Recent Advances in Hybrid Rocket Engines - Professor Brian Cantwell
11:10am Preliminary Design of a Hybrid Rocket Motor for Small-satellite Propulsion - Flora Mechentel
11:20am Deployment of Stretchable Sensor Networks on Non-Developable Surfaces - Elliot Ransom
11:30am Question and Answer Session
11:40am "Tiny-but-tough" Gallium Nitride Nanoelectronics for Extreme Harsh Environment - Professor Debbie Senesky
12:20-1:15pm Lunch - Hartley Conferenence Center Patio
1:15-2:00pm Poster Session - Skilling Teaching Lab
2:00pm Gallium Nitride Photodetector Measurements of Combustion in a Hybrid Rocket Fuel Grain - Hannah Alpert
2:10pm Data Security for GPS - Andrew Neish
2:20pm Large-Eddy Simulations of Supersonic Jet Screech - Gary Wu
2:30pm Question and Answer Session
2:40pm Game On! Enabling Robots to Collaborate and Compete with Game Theory - Professor Mac Schwager
3:20pm Communication-Efficient Distributed Filtering - Trevor Halsted
3:30pm Generative Bayesian Networks for Conceptual Aircraft Design - Emilio Botero
3:40pm Question and Answer Session
3:50pm Break
4:00pm Collaborative Multi-Robot Terrain Relative Navigation - Adam Wiktor
4:10pm Identifying aerodynamics properties of small-scale models from flight tests data - Jean de Becdelievre
4:20pm Pose Estimation For Non-Cooperative Spacecraft Rendezvous Using Neural Networks - Sumant Sharma
4:30pm Question and Answer Session
4:40pm Feedback Session
6:00pm Dinner - Left Bank Menlo Park