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Curricular Practical Training

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AA 291 offers course credit for Aero/Astro graduate students on an F-1 visa who would like to complete relevant work experience as part of their program of study. Such work must be relevant to the curricular program pursued by the student.

If you are on a student visa, you will need to submit the PTA (Practical Training Application) form in Axess and your CPT request to the Bechtel International Center. Instructions on how to submit your CPT application and current policy information are provided on their website.

AA 291: Practical Training

Educational opportunities in high-technology research and development labs in aerospace and related industries. Internship integrated into a student's academic program. Research report outlining work activity, problems investigated, key results and any follow-on projects. Meets the requirements for curricular practical training for students on F-1 visas. Student is responsible for arranging own employment and should see department student services manager before enrolling. May be repeated for credit.