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2018 Posters

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2018 Posters

Students Posters
Xiyuan Chen Distributed Microfabricated Strain Gauges on Stretchable Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitorin

Saud Alsaif



Adaptive Stress Testing for Autonomous Vehicles

Ruiqi Chen, Dr. Caitlin Chapin

Pressure Sensors for Probing the Climate of Venus

3D- Printed Structures for Space Exploration

Karen Leung, Joseph Lorenzetti, Andrew Bylard

Algorithms for Intent Inference and Decision-Making on the Road

\Robust Capture and Deorbit of Rocket Body Debris Using Controllable Dry Adhesion

Reach-Avoid Games Via Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming

Raunak Borker, Todd Chapman

Dimensionality Reduction of Highly Nonlinear Structural Models with Contact

Computational Framework for Highly Non-Linear Multi-Material Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

Vince Giralo

Distributed Multi-GNSS Timing and Localization System for Nanosatellites

Sean Young Space Environmental Electrical Power Subsystems (SEEPS)
Preston Culbertson, Nathan Usevitch

Linear Actuator Robots: Soft, High Degree of Freedom Robots that Change Shape and Function

Anna Thomas, David Dyrda

Laser Ignition for Hybrid Rocket

Ionic Liquids ad Hypergolic Green Propellants

John McNelly, Natalie Ferrante, Simon Li, Isaac Scheinfeld, Diwakar Nagesan, Yutan Liu, John Wall Stanford UAV Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs

Shi Tuck, Daniel Shorr, Paige Brown, Sasha Maldonado

Stanford Student Space Initiative, Rockets and Satellites Teams

Polar Orbiting INfrared Tracking Receiver Overall Mission Review

Team 57 Heart of Steel