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2020 Affiliates Meeting

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60th Annual Meeting of the Industrial Affiliates of the Stanford Aeronautics & Astronautics Department Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On behalf of the Aeronautics & Astronautics Department, we thank you for your attendance and participation. Here is a link to the video recording from the meeting. 

9:00-9:15am State of the Department - Professor Charbel Farhat, Department Chair 9:15-

9:30am Introduction - Professor Marco Pavone, Program Director

9:30-10:00am Lightning Talks from students

● Veronika Korneyeva "Experimental Studies of Flame Propagation in Opposed Flow: Planar Hybrid Fuel Samples and in Hybrid Rocket Geometry" (B. Cantwell)

● Matt Subramanyam “A Universal Profile for Near-Wall Flows” (B. Cantwell)

● Elliot Ransom “Stretchable Sensor Network Smart Skins for IoT Applications" (F. Chang)

● Anthony Bombik "Multifunctional Energy Storage Composites" (F. Chang)

● Ben Estacio "Understanding Electromagnetic Pulse Generation from Hypervelocity Impacts on Spacecraft" (S. Close)

● Trevor Hedges "High-Resolution Plasma Physics Simulation of an Ablating Meteoroid" (S. Close)

● Nathan Stacey "Autonomous Orbit Determination and Asteroid Characterization" (S. D’Amico)

● Matthew Willis "Learning to Fly in Space: Virtual Reality Training for Spacecraft Formation Flight" (S. D’Amico)

● Gabriele Boncoraglio “Breaking the CPU Barrier Between High-Fidelity MDAO and Practical Design” (C. Farhat)

● Jonathan Ho "Towards Seamless MDAO of Aerospace Systems" (C. Farhat)

● Ashwin Kanhere “Quantifying Uncertainty of LiDAR Pose Estimates” (G. Gao)

● Adyasha Mohanty "A Particle Filtering Framework for Integrity Risk of GNSS-Camera Sensor Fusion" (G. Gao)

● Andy Castillo "Kinetic Modelling of Plasma and Gases" (K. Hara)

● Adnan Mansour "Hall Effect Thruster Modelling" (K. Hara)

● Anthony Corso "Validation of Safety-Critical Autonomous Systems Using Machine Learning" (M. Kochenderfer)

● Duncan Eddy "Scheduling At Scale: Automating Operations For Large Satellite Constellations" (M. Kochenderfer)

● Jean de Becdelievre “Improving Bilevel Design Optimization with Flexible Surrogate Modeling” (I. Kroo)

● Loren Newton “Online Training of Neural Networks for Nonlinear Aircraft System Identification.” (I. Kroo)

● Kristen Matsuno “Internal Regulation in Compressible Turbulent Shear Layers” (S. Lele)

● Gary Wu "Why does a supersonic jet sing in harmonic tones?" (S. Lele)

● Karen Leung “How to Expect the Unexpected: Ensuring Safety in Human-robot Interactions” (M. Pavone)

● Apoorva Sharma "Safe Learning-Enabled Autonomy" (M. Pavone)

● Adam Wiktor "Cooperative Multi-Robot Localization in Natural Terrain" (S. Rock)

● Aditya Mahajan "Autonomous Exploration of Complex Environments using Active SLAM" (S. Rock)

● Adam Caccavale "MSL-RAPTOR: A 6DoF Relative Pose Tracker for Onboard Robotic Perception" (M. Schwager)

● Kunal Shah "Aerial surveys with teams of drones in extreme environments: A case study on Antarctic penguin colonies" (M. Schwager)

● Ruiqi Chen "Mechanical Response of 3D Printed Structures" (D. Senesky)

● Savannah Eisner “Extended Exposure of Gallium Nitride Heterostructure Devices to a Simulated Venus Environment” (D. Senesky)

10:00-10:30pm Breakout Room I (14 parallel tracks, one per student)

10:30-11:00am Breakout Room II (14 parallel tracks, one per student)

11:00-11:15am Break

11:15-12:00pm Affiliate Industry Talks

12:00-1:00pm All-hands discussion with all faculty and affiliates