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2011 Posters

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Students Posters
A. Bhagatwala, B. Morgan, B. Olson and S.K. Shankar Simulations of Turbulent Flows with Strong Shocks and Density Variations
Karthik Balakrishnan, Eric Hultgren, Seiya Shimizu, Andreas Zoellner, Ke-Xun Sun, et al. Ultraviolet LED Based Charge Management Spacecraft Demonstration
Ashley Chandler and Elizabeth Jens Visualization of the Liquid Layer Combustion of Paraffin
Ved Chirayath and Amrita Mittal Plasma Actuated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Eleanor Crane Investigations into Vision-Based Hazard Estimation During Autonomous Lunar Landing
Alex Fletcher Plasma Dynamics and Electromagnetic Pulses Associated with Hypervelocity Meteoroid Impacts on Satellites
Theresa Johnson, Ivan Linscott, Dave Lauben, Nicolas Lee, David Strauss, and Ashish Goel Experiment Design and Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Measurement of Near-Field Radiation of Hypervelocity Impact Plasma
S. Andrew Ning Compressibility Effects of Extended Formation Flight
SACL Lab An Integrated Vehicle Health Management System based on Large-Area Stretchable Sensing Network
Y. Scherson and A. Micks --> The CAANDO Process: Converting Nitrogen Waste into Energy
Timothy Szwarc and Akul Aggarwal A Thermal Model for Analysis and Control of Drilling in Icy Formations on Mars
Brendan Tracey and David Wolpert Integral Estimation Improvement Using Stacked Monte Carlo
Peter Vincent, Patrice Castonguay, David Williams The Flux Reconstruction Approach to High-Order Methods: Theory and Application
Ryan Volz A Compressed Sensing Approach to Observing Distributed Radar Targets
Benjamin Waxman et al.  
Jia Xu The Sailplane Airliner: Conceptual Design with Active Load Control and Natural Laminar Flow
Chris Yu, William Wolf, Arjun Sharma Computational Aeroacoustics
Jonah Zimmerman Propellant Tank Dynamics