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2010 Posters

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Students Posters
AA284 Class Paraffin and N20 hybrid rocket as a MAV demonstrator
Michael Adams Gravity probe B – Attitude and translation control system
Yves Allaneau Vortex dominated flow computations of flapping wings using a scheme that conserves kinetic energy
Noël Bakhtian and Michael Aftosmis Parametric study of peripheral nozzle configurations for supersonic retropropulsion
Edmund Chiu, Qiqi Wang, and Rui Hu A conservative meshless method: Formulation and application to conservation laws
Nicolas Lee Meteoroid and energetics detection for understanding space situational awareness
Brandon Morgan, David Dawson, and Ken Franko Unsteady flow physics in high speed flows
Kiran Murthy Underwater visual surveys of non-planar terrain
Kui Ou High order spectral difference method for the Navier-Stokes equations on moving defomable meshes
Young Shin Park Mitigation of ionospheric anomaly threat to enable LAAS airport surface movement
Steven Pifko Orbit analysis of meteoroids detected at the ALTAIR radar system
Stephen Russell Estimating tumbling motion using scanning range data
Yaniv Scherson, George Wells, Koshlan Mayer-Blackwell, Xing Xie, and B.J. Johnson Treating the world's nitrogen wastee
Timothy Szwarc Modeling of coring mechanics for optimization of Mars sample acquisition hardware
Christine Tower Multi-angle tapes: A new tape laying concept that saves weight and cost
Kevin Guanyuan Wang Interface treatment and load computation in embedded boundary methods
Christopher Yu, William Wolf, Arjun Sharma, and Jaiyoung Ryu Computational aeroacoustics