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2017 Posters

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Students Posters
Joshua Romero, Jerry Watkins, Dr. Freddie Witherden Recent Work in the Aerospace Computing Lab

Andrew Bylard, Benjamin Hockman



Robust Capture and Deorbit of Rocket Body Debris Using Controllable Dry Adhesion

Autonomous Surface Mobility on Small Solar System Bodies 

Ruiqi Chen, Ruth Miller

3D-Printed Radiation Shielding Nanocomposites

UV Sensors for CubeSats and Shock Tubes 

Aniket Inamdar, Akshay Subharamaniam, Man Long Wong

Parametric Dependence of Contrails – Towards a Reduced Order Model

A Unified High Order Eulerian Framework for Large Deformation Elastic-Plastic “Flow” in Solids Coupled to Fluids

 High-Order Adaptive Mesh Refinement Framework for Shock-Induced Mixing

Zhengyu (Daniel) Huang, Todd Chapman

A Computational Framework for Supersonic Parachute Inflation Dynamics

Order Reduction of Highly Nonlinear Structural Models with Contact 

Eric Cristofalo, Haruki Nichimura

Active Vision-based Perception for Fast 3D Reconstruction with an Aerial Robot

Active Trajectory Classification for Motion-based Communication of Robots 

Josh Sullivan, Connor Beierle Autonomous Far-Range Vision-Based Rendezvous with a Target Space Object 
Kyle Julian, Rachael Tompa

Policy Compression for Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems

Optimal Aircraft Rerouting during Commercial Space Launches 

Anna Thomas Hypergolic Green Propellant Alternatives 
Anthony Bombik, Tanay Topac

Multifunctional Energy-Storage Composites

State Sensing & Awareness for Fly-by-fell Intelligent Aerial Vehicles 

Brian Munguia, John McNelly Stanford UAV Club
Dr. Thomas Economon Su2: an Open-Source Suite for Multiphysics Simulation and Design