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2006 Affiliates Meeting

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Programs of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Industrial Affiliates of Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics

W. F. Durand Building, Hoff Conference Room (Room 450)

Tuesday May 2, 2006

8:15 Welcome and Department Overview
Prof. Brian Cantwell, Department Chair
Prof. Steve Rock, Director, Affiliates Program
8:30 Consortium in Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO)
Prof. Ilan Kroo and Prof. Juan Alonso
8:40 Automatics Magnetohydrodynamic Control of Hypersonic Flow Using a Discrete Adjoint Formulation
Andre C. Marta
Advisor, Prof. Juan Alonso
8:50 Mesh Adaptation Criteria for Unsteady Periodic Flow Using a Discrete Adjoint Time-Sprectral Formulation
Ki Hwah Lee
Advisor, Prof. Juan Alonso
9:00 Questions and Answers
9:10 Optimization Under Uncertainty Using Probability Collectives
Dev Rajnarayan
Advisor, Prof. Ilan Kroo
9:20 Improved Inverse Design Method for Sonic Boom Shaping
Alex Hass
Advisor, Prof. Ilan Kroo
9:30 Questions and Answers
9:40 High-Order Accurate Methods for Computational Physics
Georg May
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
9:50 Aerodynamic Shape Optimization for the World's Fastest P-51
Rui Hu
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
10:00 Questions and Answers
10:10 Break (15 minutes)
10:25 Large-Eddy Simulation of Film-Cooling Flow over a Flat Plate
Ioulia Iourokina
Advisor, Prof. Sanjiva Lele
10:35 Early Stage Aircraft Contrails at Cruise Altitudes
Anup Shirgaonkar
Advisor, Prof. Sanjiva Lele
10:45 Questions and Answers
10:55 A Simulation of Spacecraft Crew Escape Systems Using Dynamic Optimization
William Hart
Advisor, Brian Cantwell
11:05 Questions and Answers
11:15 Airfoil Lift Enhancement Using Magneto-Aerodynamic Interaction
Sachin Premasuthan
Advisor, Robert MacCormack
11:25 Questions and Answers
11:35 Wireless Gastric Endocapsule
Eric Allison
Advisor, Prof. George Springer
11:45 Questions and Answers
11:55 Lunch (Gibbons Grove - next to the Terman Building)
1:15 Sensor Network TRechnology for Multifunctional Structures
Giulia Lanzara (Post Doc)
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
1:25 Adaptive Diagnostics for Structural Health Monitoring
James Rose
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
1:35 Questions and Answers
1:45 Galileo-GPS Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) for Vertical Guidance
Alexandru Ene
Advisor, Prof. David Powell
1:55 Questions and Answers
2:05 Control of Adaptive Optics for the 30-Meter Telescope
Laurent Lessard
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
2:15 Delay Analysis of a Simple Switching Policy Using Speedup
Randy Cogill
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
2:25 Questions and Answers
2:35 Spatial Distribution of Localized Ionosphere Anomalies
Seebany Datta-Barua
Advisor, Prof. Per Enge
2:45 Estimated Code Generation Scheme and Property Analysis of Broadcast Galileo L1 Signal
Grace Xingxin Gao
Advisor, Prof. Per Enge
2:55 Questions and Answers
3:05 Control of a Climbing Robot Using Real-Time Convex Optimization
Teresa Miller
Advisor, Prof. Steve Rock
3:15 An Overview of Underwater Robotics Research in the Stanford Robotics Lab
Peter Kimball
Advisor, Prof. Steve Rock
3:25 Questions and Answers
3:35 Break (15 minutes)
3:50 Cooperative Control of Quadrotor Aircraft Flet to Seek Information
Gabriel Hoffmann
Advisor, Prof. Claire Tomlin
4:00 Target Tracking and Landing-Time Prediction of Arrival Aircraft
Kaushik Roy
Advisor, Prof. Claire Tomlin
4:10 Questions and Answers
4:20 Gyro Rotor Properties from Sub Nanometer Level Bridge Signals
Mike Dolphin
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
4:30 High-Stability Temperature Control System for LISA
Sei Higuchi
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
4:40 Questions and Answers
4:50 Optimized Mixing in Microfluidic Channels
Tzu-Chen Liang
Advisor, Prof. Matt West
5:00 Polhode Motion of the GP-strong Gyroscopes
Michael Salomon
Advisor, Prof. Matt West
5:10 Questions and Answers
5:20 Micropropulsion for Cubesats
Andy Sadhwani
Advisor, Prof. James Cutler
5:30 KatySat: A New Use of the Cubesat for K-12 Education
Richard Dias
Advisor, Prof. James Cutler
5:40 Questions and Answers
5:50 Feedback from Affiliates
6:30 Cocktails and Dinner at the Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel, 675 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA