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2007 Affiliates Meeting

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Programs of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Industrial Affiliates of Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics

W. F. Durand Building, Hoff Conference Room (Room 450)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

8:15 Welcome and Department Overview
Prof. Brian Cantwell, Department Chair
Prof. Steve Rock, Director, Affiliates Program
8:30 Air Traffic Flow-Control with Strategic Airlines
Steve Waslander
Advisor, Prof. Claire Tomlin
8:40 Decentralized Information Seeking Control for Mobile Sensor Networks
Gabriel Hoffmann
Advisor, Prof. Claire Tomlin
8:50 Questions and Answers
9:00 Aircraft Landing with Integrity using Terrain-Referenced Navigation
Alan Zorn
Advisor, Prof. Per Enge
9:10 Investigating Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on GPS
Jiwon Seo
Advisor, Prof. Per Enge
9:20 Questions and Answers
9:30 Control of a Climbing Robot using Real-Time Convex Optimization
Teresa Miller
Advisor, Prof. Steve Rock
9:40 Real-Time Underwater Visual Mosaicking and Navigation of the USS Macon
Kristof Richmond
Advisor, Prof. Steve Rock
9:50 Questions and Answers
10:00 Multiscale Closed-Loop Estimation for Adaptive Optics
Laurent Lessard
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
10:10 Questions and Answers
10:20 Break (15 minutes)
10:35 High Fidelity Modeling and Controls Simulation for Gravity Probe Strong
Sara Smoot
Advisor, Prof. Matt West
10:45 Trapped Flux Mapping of the GP-strong Gyroscopes
Michael Salomon
Advisor, Prof. Matt West
10:55 Questions and Answers
11:05 Mapping of Trapped Magnetic Fluxons on GP-strong Gyros using a Pointwise Fluxon Model
Mike Dolphin
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
11:15 Mass Center Determination for Gravitational Reference Sensors
John Conklin
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
11:25 Moment of Inertia Measurement using a Five-Wire Torsion Pendulum and Optical Sensing
Aaron J. Swank
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
11:35 Questions and Answers
11:45 Multiple Constellation GNSS RAIM for Aviation Approaches
Alexandru Ene
Advisor, Prof. David Powell
11:55 Questions and Answers
12:05 Lunch (Mitchell Earth Science Bldg. Patio)
1:30 Nitrous Oxide Hybrid Rocket and Monopropellant Gas Generator
Kevin Lohner
Advisor, Prof. Brian J. Cantwell
1:40 Questions and Answers
1:50 Gust Soaring Techniques for Small UAV's
Chinmay Patel
Advisor, Prof. Ilan Kroo
2:00 Aircraft Family Design Using Decomposition-Based Methods
Brian Roth
Advisor, Prof. Ilan Kroo
2:10 Questions and Answers
2:20 Heat Transfer Prediction in an HP Weather Vane Cascade using Large Eddy Simulations
Rathakrishnan Bhaskaran
Advisor, Prof. Sanjiva Lele
2:30 Role of Instability Waves in the Noise Radiation from High-Speed Jets
Jaiyoung Ryu
Advisor, Prof. Sanjiva Lele
2:40 Questions and Answers
2:50 Edge-Based Least Squares Methods for Compressible Flow Computations
Aaron Katz
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
3:00 New Approaches for Computational Aerodynamics
Georg May (Research Associate)
Prof. Antony Jameson
3:10 Questions and Answers
3:20 Break (15 minutes)
3:35 Solar Sail Technology for Nanosats
Michael Souder
Advisor, Prof. James Cutler
3:45 Current Projects of the Space and Systems Development Laboratory
Steven Pifko
Advisor, Prof. James Cutler
3:55 Questions and Answers
4:05 A Stretchable Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring Applications
Giulia Lanzara (Post-Doctoral Scholar)
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
4:15 The Development of a Spectral Shell Element for Structural Health Monitoring System Design
Sungwon Ha
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
4:25 In-Situ Technology for Monitoring Fatigue in Bolted Joints
Alexi Rakow
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
4:35 Questions and Answers
4:45 Life Prediction for Bonded Joints
Qifeng Yu (Post-Doctoral Scholar)
Advisor, Prof. Stephen Tsai
4:55 Questions and Answers
5:05 Feedback from the Affiliates
6:00 Cocktails and Dinner at the Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel, 675 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA