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2005 Affiliates Meeting

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Programs of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Industrial Affiliates of Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics

W. F. Durand Building, Hoff Conference Room (Room 450)

Tuesday April 26, 2005

8:15 Welcome and Department Overview
Prof. Brian Cantwell, Department Chair
Prof. Steve Rock, Director, Affiliates Program
8:30 Optimal Detection in Distributed Sensor Systems
Randy Cogill
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
8:40 Optimization of Energy Limited Wireless Networks
Ritesh Madan
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
8:50 Stability of Time-Delay Systems
Matthew Peet
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
9:00 Hierarchical Robust Controller Synthesis Using Positivstellensatz
Been-Der Chen
Advisor, Prof. Sanjay Lall
9:10 Questions and Answers
9:20 Incorporating Airline Preferences into Air Traffic Flow Control
Steven Waslander
Advisor, Prof. Claire Tomlin
9:30 Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control (STARMAC)
Gabriel Hoffman
Advisor, Prof. Claire Tomlin
9:40 Questions and Answers
9:50 Break (15 minutes)
10:05 Control of Climbing Robots
Teresa Miller
Advisor, Prof. Steve Rock
10:15 Robotic Tracking and Observation of Ocean Animals
Aaron Plotnik
Advisor, Prof. Steve Rock
10:25 Questions and Answers
10:35 Adaptive Array Processing for GPS Interference Rejection
David Lorenzo
Advisor, Prof. Per Enge
10:45 A Comprehensive Ionosphere Storm Data Analysis Method to Support LAAS Threat Model Development
Di Qiu
Advisor, Prof. Per Enge
10:55 Questions and Answers
11:05 WAAS as a Flight Inspection Truth System
Euiho Kim
Advisor, David Powell
11:15 Questions and Answers
11:25 Prognostic Embedded Design of Composite Structures
Johannes Markmiller
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
11:35 A Computational Tool for the Design of Structures with Built-In Piezoelectric-Based Sensor Networks
Jinkyu Yang
Advisor, Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang
11:45 Questions and Answers
11:55 Lunch (Patio - Mitchell Building)
1:15 Predicting the Behavior of Graphite/Epoxy Laminates under Hydrothermal Loads
Sébastien Didierjean
Advisor, Prof. Steve Tsai
1:25 Questions and Answers
1:35 Overview of Miniature Trailing-Edge Effector Research Program
Stefan Bieniawski
Advisor, Prof. Ilan Kroo
1:45 Using Wind Turbulence to Enhance UAV Performance
Chinmay Patel
Advisor, Prof. Ilan Kroo
1:55 Questions and Answers
2:05 Large-Eddy Simulation of Film-Cooling on a Flat-Plate Geometry
Loulia Iourokina
Advisor, Prof. Sanjiva Lele
2:15 Questions and Answers
2:25 Time Spectral Method for Periodic Unsteady Computation
Arathi Gopinath
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
2:35 Exploring the Limits of Transonic Shock-Free Airfoil Design
Michael Harbeck
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
2:45 High-Order Accurate Methods for Conservation Laws Using Continuum and Statistical Mechanics
Georg May
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
2:55 Flow Control by Feedback
Kathik Palaniappan
Advisor, Prof. Antony Jameson
3:05 Questions and Answers
3:15 An Overview of the DARPA Helicopter Quieting Program
Prof. Juan Alonso
3:25 Two-Level Multi-Fidelity Design Optimization Studies for Supersonic Jets
Seongim Choi
Advisor, Prof. Juan Alonso
3:35 Investigation of Turbo Machines at High and Low RPM
Ki Hwan Lee
Advisor, Prof. Juan Alonso
3:45 Questions and Answers
3:55 Break (15 minutes)
4:05 KatySat - A New Application of the CubeSat for K-12 Education
Benjamin Yuan
Advisor, Prof. Robert Twiggs
4:15 Questions and Answers
4:25 Sub-Micro Level Center of Mass Determination for the LISA Gravitational Reference Sensor (GRS)
John Conklin
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
4:35 Mass Attraction Determination for Drag-Free References
Aaron Swank
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
4:45 Charge Control on Drag-Free References: From the GP-strong Rotors to the LISA GRS
Brett Allard
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
4:55 Multi-DOF Isolation and Alignment with Quiet Hydraulic Actuators
Corwin Hardham
Advisor, Prof. Dan DeBra
5:05 Questions and Answers
5:10 Feedback from Affiliates
6:00 Cocktails and Dinner at the Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel, 675 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA