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Research Experience for Undergraduates Program

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The Aero/Astro Research Experience for Undergraduates (Aero/Astro REU) program is designed to give undergraduates the chance to work with faculty and their research groups on advanced research projects over the summer.  Students who are accepted into the program will receive a stipend for their full time research work.

 Full-time means devoting 35+ hours/week for 10 consecutive weeks, i.e., it is the student's primary activity that quarter. Program start date will be June 20th, 2022 program end date will be August 26th, 2022 with the REU poster session being on August 26th at 12-2pm in front of the Durand building.

2022-2023 Program Updates

  • Interested students should contact the faculty member they are interested in working with. 
  • Faculty will submit student nominations for the REU program to the student services office.
  • We will offer the program in-person this year, & only during summer quarter.
  • Flex term is no longer required to participate. 
  • We must receive all REU nominations from faculty by April 2022 for summer quarter. 

Please read through our FAQ page for more information about the program & eligibility.

2021 REU Research Presentations