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REU Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm not an Aero/Astro major, am I eligible to apply? 

Yes! The Aero/Astro REU program is open to all Stanford undergraduates. Students must not have received a BS prior to the beginning of the quarter of research experience. Students who will be in their fifth (coterminal) year are also eligible as long as the BS has not yet been conferred, but will be given lower priority.

How does the flex term impact my eligibility?

 Flex Term Requirement: Students can only be awarded a full-time VPUE Department/Faculty Grant in Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 quarters by taking a Flex Term.

  • Students must have completed two full-time enrolled quarters this academic year by the time their full-time VPUE Department/Faculty Grant begins - these quarters do not have to be consecutive.
  • Students may take their Flex Term on campus in their cohort-designated quarter in Spring or Summer IF participating in an approved research project.

Read more here on VPUE's website (under "Policies for students participating in full time research").

Which faculty are participating in the spring quarter REU program, and which are participating in summer quarter? How do I decide which professor to contact?

Students should speak directly with faculty member regarding their schedule. Contact faculty whose research interests match your own. Here we list which faculty are associated with which research areas:

How exactly do I apply for the REU program?

Applications are submitted by Aero/Astro faculty only. Interested students should directly contact the faculty member they are interested in working with. We recommend emailing the faculty member. In the email include your resume, courses you have taken, and any other relevant experience. The faculty member will follow up with final candidates for more information. Faculty will submit student nominations for the REU program to the student services office. 

When is the application deadline?

We must receive all REU nominations from faculty by mid February 2021 for spring quarter & mid March for summer quarter. 

What will the stipend amount be this year?

VPUE's stipends for Full-Time Undergraduate Research Grants (including Major Grants, Chappell Lougee Scholarships, and stipends funded by VPUE Departmental and Faculty Grants) will be calculated for each individual student as the sum of three components. This change is intended to direct additional resources to the projects and students that need them most; no student participating in an on-campus project will receive less than in previous years, and most students with high financial need will receive more. 

Additional details about stipends can be found here on VPUE's Faculty & Department Grant Administration webpage (under DYNAMIC STIPEND OVERVIEW (FULL-TIME ONLY). 

Can I still enroll in courses or participate in other University funded programs while doing my REU quarter?

  • Other Stanford funding: A student may only receive one full-time Stanford-funded experiential learning opportunity in the 2020-21 academic year
    • Full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant student recipients are not permitted to engage in another full-time internship, job, or volunteer opportunity (whether funded by Stanford or otherwise), including but not limited to:
      • Major Grant
      • Chappell Lougee Scholarship
      • Beagle II
      • Haas Summer Fellowship/Cardinal Quarter
      • Stanford Seed
      • Departmental Grant-supported summer research position
      • Faculty Grant-supported summer research position
      • Other full-time summer fellowship or internship
    • The above opportunities represent a significant time commitment and are intended to support a student’s unique full-time effort on a project
  • Students may not receive both academic units and a stipend for any single project activity.
  • Students are permitted to enroll in up to five units of coursework during the Flex Term in which they are engaging in a full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant project
  • Full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant recipients are permitted to work at an additional internship, job, or volunteer position for no more than 10 hours per week 
  • While full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant recipients are permitted to work at an additional 10 hours per week, these additional hours cannot be funded with an alternate VPUE Department/Faculty Grant 
  • Students who receive a full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant cannot enroll in five units and work 10 hours per week during a Flex Term synchronously. 


Will I be charged any taxes on my REU stipend? How do I figure this out?

The Aero/Astro department is not in a position to answer questions about how/if student grants might affect taxes. Students who receive stipends should consult with Student Financial Services (SFS) and the IRS about scholarships and grants which are received.