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2008 50th Anniversary

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Posters in Basement

Space Systems Development Lab
(Prof. Cutler)
[also see 2nd floor]

Emily Eelkema, Randy Lum:
SSDL Ground Station Network

Christine Purcell, Emily Eelkema:
Innovation in Aerospace and Space Exploration

Hybrid Systems Lab
(Prof. Tomlin)

Gabriel Hoffmann:
Decentralized Information-Seeking Control for Mobile Sensor Networks

Haomiao Huang:
Nonlinear Programming (NLP) Trajectory Generation for Predictive Collision Avoidance

Michael Vitus, Steven Waslander, Vijay Pradeep, Gabriel Hoffmann:
Tunnel-MILP: Path Planning with Sequential Convex Polytopes

Aerospace Robotics Lab
(Prof. Rock)

Sean Augenstein, Kiran Murthy:
ROV Navigation Aids in the Midwater and Benthic Environments

Peter Kimball, Deborah Meduna:
Underwater Terrain Relative Navigation

Aero Fluid Mechanics Labs
(Prof. Cantwell)

Kevin Lohner, Yaniv Scherson:
Nitrous Oxide as a Monopropellant

Eric Doran, Jonny Dyer, Kevin Lohner, Zach Dunn, Mark Marzoña, Evan Karlik:
Peregrine Sounding Rocket Project

Siina Haapanen:
Direct Numerical Simulation of a Two-Fluid Channel Flow

Shane Coogan, Mark Marzoña, Ben Gilliland, Sasha MacDonald, Nader Moussa, David Pinner, Arturo Zamora:
Hybrid Lunar Descent Motor for Google Lunar X Prize

Posters on 1st Floor

Structures & Composites Lab
(Prof. Chang)

Here are the lab's projects.

Posters on 2nd Floor

Flow Physics and Computation
(Prof. Farhat)

David Amsallem:
Fast Aeroelastic Analysis of Complex Fighter Configurations Using Reduced-Order Data Bases and Manifold Algebra

Kevin Carlberg:
Enhanced Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Snapshots for Design-Oriented Reduced-Order Models

Prof. Lele's Group

Alexander Naiman:
Large Eddy Simulation and Parameterization of Aircraft Contrail Evolution

Kenneth Franko, David Dawson, Soshi Kawai:
Transition and Shock Boundary Layer Interaction in Hypersonic Flows

Soshi Kawai:
Large-Eddy Simulation of High-Speed Flows: Jet in a Supersonic Crossflow

Jaiyoung Ryu, Arjun Sharma, William Wolf, Mohammad Shoeybi:
Computational Aeroacoustics

Johan Larsson, Eric Johnsen, Santhosh Shankar, Britton Olson, Ankit Bhagatwala:
Simulations of Turbulent Flows with Strong Shock and Density Variations

(Dr. Sun)

Edgar Torres Matos:
Science Frequency Analysis of Temperature Sensors for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)

Aerospace Computing Lab
(Prof. Jameson)

Dan Berkenstock:
Nonlinear Shape Deformation for Aerospace Vehicle Optimization

Aerospace Design Lab
(Prof. Alonso)

Jeffrey Fike:
Equal Spacing of Pareto Points Using a Novel Method for Calculating Derivatives

Space Systems Development Lab
(Prof. Cutler)
[also see Basement]

Julian Mann:
Stanford Lunar X: Voyage to the Moon

Ernesto Diaz:

Kevin Stein:
Stanford NanoSat Affordable Payload (SNAP) Solutions

Michael Souder:
Solar Sailing Nanosatellites

Gravity Probe B Project (GP-B)
(Profs. DeBra & Everitt)

All Gravity Probe B Presenters:
An Overview of the Gravity Probe B Program

Michael Adams:
Gravity Probe B Attitude & Translation Control System (ATC)

John Conklin, Michael Salomon, Michael Dolphin, G. Mac Keiser, Alex Silbergleit, Paul Worden:
Trapped Flux Mapping for Gravity Probe B

William Bencze, David Hipkins, Tom Holmes, Sasha Buchman, Robert Brumley:
Gravity Probe B Gyroscope Electrostatic Suspension System (GSS)

Valerio Ferroni, Mike Adams, Bill Bencze, David Hipkins, John Mester, et al.:
Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle

Ivanka Pelivan, Stefanie Bremer, Tom Holmes, David Hipkins, John Mester:
High Fidelity Dynamics & Control Simulation for Gravity Probe B

Tommy Baumann, David Hipkins, John Mester:
Model Based Design, Analysis, and Validation of STEP Using MLDesigner and SatLab

Posters on 4th Floor

Aircraft Design Group
(Prof. Kroo)

Nikhil Nigam:
Control and Design of Multiple UAVs for Persistent Surveillance

Sara Smoot:
High Altitude Wind Power

Geoffrey Bower:
Aircraft and Route Network Design for Reduced Environmental Impact

Noël Bakhtian, Michael Aftosmis:
Investigation of Power Boundary Condition Placement for Axial Plume Modeling using Cart3D

(Prof. Enge)

Sei Higuchi:
Sub-Microkelvin Precision Temperature Control System for the LISA Mission