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Summer Quarter

Summer Quarter Policy


Unlike other quarters, summer quarter enrollment is optional except when there is a summer teaching or research assistantship appointment. Summer is a time when many students opt to take a trip home, work off-campus or travel. If you choose not to enroll during summer quarter there are no penalties — you will resume your studies as usual in autumn quarter with no lapse in student standing. International students should always check with the Becthel International Student Center before leaving the country or opting not to enroll to ensure that visas stay in good standing.

During summer quarter, health insurance is available through Vaden Health Center even if you do not enroll. You will need to let Vaden know that you require coverage prior to the beginning of the summer quarter. If you choose to travel off-campus during summer quarter, please be sure to contact Vaden Health Center to pick up an insurance card that will provide coverage should you need medical help. Contact Vaden directly for more information at (650)723-2135 or e-mail the center.

Working on campus during summer quarter


Research assistants (RAs), teaching assistants (TAs) and course assistants (CAs) are REQUIRED to enroll in at least 3 units (or the TGR course for eligible PhD students) during summer quarter in order to be eligible to work. If you do not enroll, you will not be paid. It is highly recommended that you enroll in as many units as your assistantship will pay for. For example, if you work 25 percent time (10 hours per week), 5 units of tuition will be paid, and you should enroll in 5 units. If you work 50 percent time (20 hours per week), 8-10 units of tuition will be paid, and you should enroll in 8-10 units.

It may be possible to work more than 50 percent time during summer quarter if there is adequate funding and your research supervisor allows it. RA appointments are frequently increased to 75 percent time (30 hours per week) or even 90 percent time (36 hours per week) during summer quarter. During summer quarter, the tuition benefit is in reverse proportion to the number of hours worked. For example, 50 percent appointments pay the 8-10 units rate, but 75 percent appointments pay only 5 units and 90 percent appointments pay for 3 units. You should enroll in the correct number of units according to how much your tuition grant will be.

If you decide that you do not want to enroll during summer quarter, you may ask your research supervisor about the option to work as an hourly (temp) employee. Please note that no tuition benefit will be included for hourly work.

Going TGR in summer quarter


Ocassionally a student working as a 90 percent RA during the summer also plans to go to Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) status during that summer quarter. Note that it can save your research supervisor some money if you go TGR in summer quarter. The tuition grant from a 90 percent appointment will cover either the TGR course or 3 units of regular coursework. The 3-unit rate is a few hundred dollars less at the TGR rate.