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PhD Research Projects

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Graduate Research Project

Marcos Berrios

Flight Dynamics and Control of Two Autonomous Helicopters Carrying an External Slung Load

David Biggs

A Study of the Dynamic Response of Plasma Filled Microwave Cavity Resonators
Caitlin Chapin High Temperature and Transient Behavior of GaN Heterostructure Based High Electron Mobility Pressure Sensors

Todd Chapman

Nonlinear Model Order Reduction of Structural Systems with Contact and Failure
Jacob Crabill Towards Industry-Ready High-Order Overset Methods on Modern Hardware
Ya Gai Confine Flow of Concentrated Emulsions in Microfluidic Systems
Ben Hockman Robotic Mobility on Small Solar System Bodies: Design, Control, and Autonomy
Brian Ichter Massive Parallelism and Sampling Strategies for Real-Time and Robus Robotic Motion Planning
Stefan Jorgensen Submodular Optimization for Risk-Aware Coordination of Multi-Robot Systems
Adam Koenig Formation Design of a Distributed Telescope for High-Contrast imaging from Earth Orbit
Sid Krishnamoorthy Alleviation of Reentry Communications Blackout by Electrostatic Methods
Purim Ladpli Multifunctional Energy Storage Composite (MESC) Structures with Embedded Li-ion Batteries and Health Monitoring Capabilities
David Manosalvas-Kjono Aerodynamic Desing of Active Flow Control Systems Aimed Towards Drag Reduction in Heavy Vehicles
Ruth Miller Thermal and Radiation Exposure of Graphene-Enhcanced Gallium Nitride Ultraviolet Photodetectors for Space Exploration
Kedar Naik Fourier Collocation Methods for Unsteady Flows
Andrew Nuttall Radio-Frequency Emissions from Hypervelocity Impacts on Charged Spacecraft
Josh Romero On the Development of the Direct Flux Reconstruction Scheme for High-Order Fluid Flow Simulations
Federico Rossi On the Interaction Between Autonomous Mobility-On-Demand Systems and the Built Environment: Models and Large Scale Coordination Algorithms
Edward Schmerling Mutimodal Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification for Robot Planning and Decision Making 
Jeff Sinsay  A Heuristic for Varying Design Parameterization Applied to a Multidisciplinary Rotorcraft Problem
Austin Sousa Global and Seasonal Effects of Lightning-Induced Electron Precipitation
Zachary Sunberg Safety and Efficiency in Autonomous Vehicles through Planning with Uncertainty
Travis Swenson The Topology of Transit Orbits in Multibody Systems
Ozhan Turgut Identification of the Intra-Bunch Dynamics for Model-Based Beam Instability Control for the Cern Super Proton Synchroton
Michael Vegh Sizing Methodologies for Aircraft with Multple Energy Systems
Jerry Watkins Numerical Analysis and Implicit Time Stepping for High-order, Fluid Flow SImulations on GPU Architectures
Tim Wheeler Automotive Safety Validation in Simulation