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The Aero/Astro minor introduces undergraduates to the key elements of modern aerospace systems. Within the minor, students may focus on aircraft, spacecraft, or disciplines relevant to both. The course requirements for the minor are described in detail below. If any core classes (aside from ENGR 21; see footnote) are part of student's major or other degree program, the AA adviser can help select substitute courses to fulfill the AA minor requirements; no double counting allowed.  All courses taken for the minor must be taken for a letter grade if that option is offered by the instructor. Minimum GPA for all minor courses combined is 2.0.

The following core courses fulfill the minor requirements:

Course List
AA Core  
12 Core Units, 24 Total Program Units  
ENGR 21 Engineering of Systems 2 3
AA 100 Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics 3
AA 131 Space Flight 3
AA 141 Atmospheric Flight 3
AA Electives  
Choose 4 courses  
AA 101 Introduction to Aero Fluid Mechanics 1  
AA 102 Introduction to Applied Aerodynamics 3
AA 103 Air and Space Propulsion 3
AA 111 Introduction to Aerospace Computational Engineering 1  
AA 135 Introduction to Space Policy 1  
AA 151 Lightweight Structures 3
AA 156 Mechanics of Composite Materials 3
AA 171 Autonomous Systems 1  
AA 173 Flight Mechanics and Controls 1  
AA 175 Embedded Programming 1  
AA 272C Global Positioning Systems 3
AA 279A Space Mechanics 3
ENGR 105 Feedback Control Design 3

 This course will be offered in the future. Please see our website for future course offerings.  For courses yet not offered please contact the Aero/Astro Student Services Office for a list of approved replacement courses.


ENGR 21 is waived as minor requirement if already taken as part of the major program.

Stanford freshmen and sophomores are welcome to visit the Aero/Astro Student Services Office to discuss the possibilities. Or email our undergraduate student services specialist, Jenny at