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Honors Program

The Aero/Astro honors program was designed to allow undergraduates with strong records and enthusiasm for independent research to engage in a significant project leading to a degree with departmental honors. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and wish to be considered for the honors program would apply to the program by the end of their junior year. All applications will be subject to the review and final approval by the Aero/Astro Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Application Requirements:

● One-page written statement describing the research topic and signed advisor form

● GPA of 3.5 or higher in the major

● Unofficial Stanford transcript (from Axess)

● Signature of thesis advisor

Honors criteria:

● Maintain the 3.5 GPA required for admissions to the honors program.

● Arrangement with an Aero/Astro faculty member who agrees to serve as the thesis

advisor. The advisor must be a member of the Academic Council.

● Under the direction of the thesis advisor, complete at least two quarters of research with

a minimum of nine units of independent research; three of these units may be used

towards a student’s Aero/Astro Focus Elective requirement.

● Submit an honors thesis (20-30 pages). Thesis is due by April 30th of senior year in order to be eligible for University prizes. 

● Attend REU Poster Session or present in another suitable forum approved by the faculty