Student Research Posters
Affiliates Meeting
April, 2015

Tom Colvin
A Revolutionary Approach To Integrated Air-and-Space Traffic Management
Karen Dowling
Bulk Micromachining of 3-D SiC Microscale Structures for use in Harsh Environment Devices
Purim Ladpli
Robust Multifunctional Energy Storage Structure
Zouhair Mahboubi
Autonomous Air-Traffic Control for non-Towered Airports
Pavan Narsai, Krishna Venkataraman
Measuring Nozzle Erosion with Ultrasound
Andrew Neish
Space Rendezvous Laboratory: High-Fidelity Validation of Advanced Distributed Space Systems
Andrew Nuttall, Ivan Linscott
Electromagnetic Effects of Hypervelocity Micro-Meteoroid Impacts on Spacecraft
Ivan Ravlich, Ivan Linscott
Plasma Vortex Compression Thruster
Stanford Space Initiative
Stanford Space Initiative
Sumant Sharma
Pose Estimation of Uncooperative Spacecraft using Monocular Vision
Javier Stober, Anna Thomas
Investigation of Green Rocket Propellants
SUAVE Projects
Stanford UAV Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE Projects)
SUAVE Outreach
Stanford UAV Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE Outreach)
Akshay Subramaniam
Shock Induced Turbulent Multi-Material Mixing
Glenn Sugar, Lorenzo Limonta, et al.
Obtaining Meteoroid Mass From Joint Optical and Radar Observations
Ateeq Suria
Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) Characteristics of Gamma Irradiated AI2O3, HfO2, and SiO2 Thin Films Grown by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
Pengchwan Wang

State Sensing with Embedded Sensor Network on Composite Wing