2014 Ph.D. Research Projects

Sean Copeland Joshua Leffell
Eleanor Crane Ashley Micks
Shandor Dektor Steven Pifko
Alexander Fletcher Surajit Roy
Sarah Houts Zachary Vane
Taehoon Kim Benjamin Waxman
Jun Kyu Lee Chris Yu

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Research Project
Sean Copeland
Adjoint-Based Methods for Hypersonic Flows in Thermochemical Nonequilibrium
Eleanor Crane
Vision-Based Hazard Estimation During Autonomous Lunar Landing
Shandor Dektor
Robust Adaptive Terrain Relative Navigation
Alexander Fletcher
Plasma Production and Radiation from Meteoroid Impacts on Spacecraft
Sarah Houts
Aggressive Terrain Following for Motion-Constrained AUVs in Uncertain Environments
Taehoon Kim
MHD Flow - Control for Hypersonic Flight
Jun Kyu Lee
Simulation of Heat-Flux Mitigation by Electromagnetic Fields in Hypersonic Flows
Joshua Leffell
An Overset Time-Spectral Method for Relative Motion
Ashley Micks
Catalysis of N2O Decomposition: Efficient Elimination of a Greenhouse Gas
Steven Pifko
The Meteoroid Collision Risk to Spacecraft: A Method for Estimating the Distribution of Meteoroids in Earth Orbit
Surajit Roy
Structural Damage Detection Using Ultrasonic Guided-Waves Under Varying Ambient Temperature and Loading Environments
Zachary Vane
Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulations of High Speed Flows in Ducts
Benjamin Waxman
An Investigation of Injectors for Use with High Vapor Pressure Propellants with Application to Hybrid Rockets
Christopher Yu
Turbulent Wake Interaction LES and Aeroacoustic Predictions

Ph.D. Research Projects