2013 Ph.D. Research Projects

Roland Burton Zhiqiang Guo Click name for .pdf Kuldeep Lonkar Santhos Shankar
Andre Chan Timothy Szwarc
Thomas Economon Gary Tang
Jeffrey Fike Thomas Taylor
Tristan Flanzer David Williams
Sandun Gunawardana Alexander Haas Christina Ivler Cecilia Larrosa Amrita Mittal Mathias Wintzer
Research Project
Roland Burton
Attitude Determination of Passively Magnetically Stablized Nano Satellites
Andre Chan
Control and Suppression of Laminar Vortex Shedding Off Two-Dimensional Bluff Bodies
Thomas Economon
Optimal Shape Design Using an Unsteady Continuous Adjoint Approach
Jeffrey Fike
Multi-Objective Optimization Using Hyper-Dual Numbers
Tristan Flanzer
Robust Trajectory Optimization and Control of a Dynamic Soaring Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Sandun Gunawardana
A Rule-Based Dialog Management System for Integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems into the National Airspace System
Zhiqiang Guo
Design and Development of Bio-Inspired Stretchable Sensor Networks Based on Polyimide Substrate for Structural State Awareness
Alexander Haas
Multifidelity Optimization for Supersonic Aircraft Design
Christina Ivler
Design and Flight Test of a Cable Angle Feedback Control System for Improving Helicopter Slung Load Operations at Low Speed
Cecilia Larrosa
Measuring Matrix Crack Density in Composite in Composite Laminates Using Piezoelectric Sensors
Kuldeep Lonkar
Modeling of Piezo-Induced Ultrasonic Waves for Structural Health Monitoring
Amrita Mittal
An Efficient Solution Procedure for Multi-Species Reacting Navier-Stokes Equations
Santhosh Shankar
Numerical Investigation of Turbulence and Mixing in Shock-Accelerated Compressible Multi-Component Flows
Timothy Szwarc
Thermal Modeling of Coring and Drilling Operations for Solar System Exploration Applications
Gary Tang
Methods for High Dimensional Uncertainty Quantification: Regularization and Derivative Enhancement
Thomas Taylor
A Hybrid Adjoint Approach for Systems of Arbitrarily Complex Partial Differential Equations
David Williams
Energy Stable High-Order Methods for Simulating Unsteady, Viscous, Compressible Flows on Unstructured Grids
Mathias Wintzer
Optimization and Adjount-Based CFD for the Conceptual Design of Low Sonic Boom Aircraft

Ph.D. Research Projects